About the #SupportLocalChargers Challenge

Chargers  are kind of a cart before the horse issue to the EV world.  Asking a  business to invest in installing and maintaining a charger is difficult  especially if it isn't something they are knowledgeable about or if they  don't see how it can benefit them.  On the other side, if people view  finding chargers as difficult, they worry about investing in an EV for  themselves for fear of "running out of juice".  As EV owners we can help  with some of these issues by using the existing infrastructure to show  businesses that if they install EVSE we will use them and can also  show non-EV people what is available because when they see us in those  parking spots they engage us and ask questions.

With that in mind, Drive Electric Columbus set up the #SupportLocalChargers Challenge.  During the Challenge time period, we encourage our members to locate at least one public charger and use it.  While there, take a picture and then share it with us.  You can submit photos to DriveEVCbus@Gmail.com, share on our social media, or print one to bring to the next meeting.  On Facebook, please add your pictures to our group page.  On Instagram or Twitter, please use hashtags #SupportLocalChargers and #DriveEVCbus so that we can locate your photos.  

Round 4  has ended.  Check out our pictures below from all 4 rounds.  And watch this space to see when we announce the next round.